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Tracklog Thermalling Analysis - access tracklogs from and calculate PPC competition points (option)

Tracklogs are fetched from (when using flight or pilot number)
Enter link to your tracklog (anywhere) or enter pilot or flight number (from

Flights can be displayed and animated in 2D and 3D maps.
Multiple flights can be compared and animated in 2D maps using "Race To Goal" or "Elapsed Time" synchronisation.
Statistics are available for a pilots yearly aggregated activity (based on pilot's all uploaded tracklogs).

You can also analyze some aspects of your flights based on the information contained in your tracklogs:
- your thermalling is analyzed; number of turns, direction (left/right), heightgain etc
(This might be of value for any pilot interested in thermaling performance)
- your points in selected PPC competitions are calculated
(now using the Vincenty formula to calculate distances)
(This is mainly interesting for PPC-competition pilots and is a selectable option)

Your tracklog has to be a kml/kmz-file in gpsdump format (as all tracklogs at are...)

The following parameters are currently used for the thermalling analysis:
- Maximum time to complete a turn (full 360): 60.0 seconds
- Minimum time to complete a turn (full 360): 3.0 seconds
- Average speed while thermalling (used to calculate your thermalling radius): 9.0 meters/seconds
- Allowed opposite direction turning (to continue adding up turning to a full 360): 60.0 degrees

To try out these analytics/visualisations without having a valid Flight or Pilot number,
you can click here for a list of active pilots in our club, or check-out SWEPOOL pilots

Or try to analyze a kml file you have on the net somewhere, paste the Url to your KML/KMZ file below:

Latest news: New airspace file for Sweden (v2021-03-25).
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